Content Writing in Calgary

Top-notch content writing services in Calgary to improve your SERP

Creating content that engages your readers and adheres SEO strategies to generate buzz around your website

At Frendeal, our content writing services in Calgary involve a cohesive approach in enabling you to leverage the power of digital marketing. Provide the much-needed awe-inspiring experiences that everyone is searching for on the Internet. Our services include redefining your brand presence with top-notch content that ranks better and reaching out to your target audience in a meaningful manner. 


Our dedicated team of content writers in Canada offers the much-needed expertise, command, and brand identity that your business demands amidst the growing competition.

Our work ethics on handling web development and digital marketing projects

Services like content writing and marketing have a lot to offer each other. Therefore, our content writing services in Canada aim to improve your search engine results. Your search engine rankings will improve due to our content writing services, including website content, social media, and regular blog updates to keep your audience engaged.


With planned content, you can attract visitors to your website by providing high-quality content. Even if you don't use content marketing, your website will still perform better if you have quality content that captivates your audience.

  • Brevity of words

When you work with us, you're connecting with one of the world's most extensive networks of content creators who are experts in driving unique, intuitive content that drives conversions.

  • Aimed at right audience

Our team will create website content based on your target audience to customize content that brings your audience's attention by creating a concise brief for meaningful content.

  • Dedicated team

Small and medium businesses in Canada will require a dedicated content team to meet website goals as each team of writers comes with robust expertise in a distinctive niche. 

  • Keeping you updated

As long as the dedicated team works on the project, you'll receive regular updates for your content that will need to pass through your feedback and approval phase. 

  • Final delivery

We will hand-deliver and update the content in a timely manner after thoroughly considering your industry-specific requirements and editing the content to match your website design needs. 

How working with Frendeal for a content writing service can benefit your business?

  • Quality

With us, quality of content is guaranteed! We provide content to deliver results for your website, social media and build thought leadership with guest posting.

  • Efficiency

Hire our Calgary-based content writing expert who adheres to a strict timeline in delivering top-notch pieces that enhance your digital presence.

  • SEO-driven writing 

All our writers work in tandem with our in-house SEO team to deliver content that ranks on the top pages of Google search, thereby driving necessary visibility for your website.

  • Multiple mediums

Our writers work to deliver quality content for multiple mediums viz; social media, websites, third-party sites, and much more in a highly customized manner. 

  • Driving message creatively

We are committed to delivering content that drives the right message across your targeted audience by creating content that builds a distinctive brand identity.

  • Increase quality traffic 

Leveraging our best content writing services in Calgary will help you increase your website traffic, bring down bounce rate, and improve conversions. 

Redefining your business identity with content

We are comprehensive, full-stack digital business enablers in Canada that work to produce high-quality content that elicits a thoughtful response from the audience. Our writers get into the skin of your brand. They understand the target audience, craft a unique writing strategy, and set in the right tone to deliver content that connects.


When you hire us for content writing services in Canada, you can ensure that your website's content will be optimized for both search engines and human visitors alike. If there is anything you don't like or would want to change, just let us know and we'll get it done for you!

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Frendeal is a well-established content provider that can help you tell the narrative of your business, clarify difficult online content themes, and link your brand with the proper target segments.


As a content marketing agency, we understand Search Engine Optimization, content strategies, and compelling website design to get you started. 


Let us begin your content journey and change how you see the business growth. 


Basic Plan

  • Upto 5 Pages
  • Basic SEO Setup
  • Responsive Website
  • Premium Design
  • Full Development
  • Deploy to Server
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Advanced Plan

  • Upto 15 Pages
  • One Time SEO Setup
  • Responsive Website
  • Premium Design
  • Full Development
  • Deploy to Service
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Website Plans

Our basic and advanced website design and development plans. Both of these plans are for businesses who need the best design for their website as per their business area. If you need more customized and advanced website with more than 15 pages, please contact us for quote.

  • Basic
  • Advanced

Frendeal is committed to delivering excellent results through state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and a smartly orchestrated team of engineering geeks, creative writers, and analytical marketers.

Advertising and marketing is an art, our experts are artists and they are here to help you get the best results for your business.