Digital Marketing Services in Calgary

Is your business Canada-based? We offer the best Digital Marketing Services (Headquarters in Calgary) to take your business to new heights with scalable digital marketing.

There are more prospects now — increased sales, higher profits. Rising competition to rank better in Google. Our digital marketing services in Calgary integrate multiple tools with the expertise to deliver effective business results. Improve the KPIs that matter most, from traffic to revenue, with a unique plan and data-driven insights.

If you are looking for a way to get in front of your target audience in a discreet way, then hiring a digital marketing company is the best option for you. Traditional advertising methods are becoming less and less popular since they are more expensive, and Digital Marketing is a less expensive alternative.

SEO-driven Design Approach

SEO, PPC, SMM, SMO, website development, content creation and curation, and content marketing are just a few of the digital marketing tools at your disposal in the age of digital marketing.

The finest digital marketing agency can help you generate more quality visitors, improve your conversion rate, and ultimately boost your ROI. Use data-driven insights and customized marketing strategies to grow your company online. Take advantage of our digital marketers’ in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge technology to succeed in today’s dynamic digital environment.

Get A to Z of internet marketing as our team of digital marketing experts help you get started in the right direction. With our comprehensive digital marketing services, we can help your company’s website get to the top and remain there despite the fierce competition.

Why Should You Choose Frendeal for Digital Marketing Services in Canada?

Our top Digital Marketing Services help you establish and grow your company’s online presence and brand equity. Share your brand ideas, and we will ensure the implementation of a top-notch marketing strategy to turn them into a reality.

The best part about getting a website for your small business is that it works as a 24-hour online sales agent. But, with 1.7+ billion websites, it gets difficult for users to find you. Therefore, we have our expert digital business marketing team in Calgary to help boost your business presence online.

Our goal is to make your brand visible online and optimize your website to keep it relevant and put it on top of Google search results for as long as possible. As part of our overall marketing strategy, we focus on promoting your brand holistically.

The Best Digital Marketing Services in Canada

We provide a wide range of digital marketing services, but we don't consider ourselves to be generalists. We provide technical assistance and a tailored marketing approach to blending well with your technology. It doesn't matter whether you want top search engine results or an online presence that clients won't miss; we have a team of experts ready to help get started with custom digital marketing strategies.


We run multiple marketing campaigns that put you in front of your ideal consumers when they're looking for you. Your business will benefit from more quality leads and sales if you choose internet marketing services that concentrate on results.

Social Media Marketing and Online Marketing experts in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

SEO Services - Guaranteed Ranking Results!

Most customers visit Google to find answers to their questions. Therefore, our goal is to increase your website traffic with the right SEO services in Calgary. Have more people land on your site, drive better interaction, and enhance customer interactions by gaining maximum visibility. Our SEO specialist in Calgary will drive website visibility in Google's search results by helping the content team create meaningful pages. 


Get data-driven insights from our SEO team that help optimize your website pages with internal and external link-building activities. Rely on us for a wide range of digital services from the best SEO experts in Canada.


We leverage SEO for brand enhancement as our digital marketing company offers a broader viewpoint than others to keep on top. We use proven and established SEO techniques to ensure that your business website improves rankings month over month.


Here's what you get when hiring us for your SEO requirements:

  • Link Building
  • Web Marketing Analytics 
  • Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Design and Content Optimization
  • Local and International Search Optimization
  • Mobile Optimization

Why Should You Consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services for Your Business?

Make your business stand out from the competition by implementing a complete local SEO plan tailored to your needs. We'll use industry-leading best practices coupled with tried-and-tested marketing strategies to get your site and content in front of your audience.


As a robust digital marketing company, we provide SEO services to your company for website content enhancement, building thought leadership with guest posting, carrying out link-building activities, and many other activities. Also, our SEO maintenance services involve regularly checking key website metrics and updating content that works for your business.


We move the needle beyond just keywords exploration as our SEO experts in Calgary help you with technical SEO. Our job is to make sure that your potential customers notice your website without glitches by optimizing page load speed, enhancing core web vitals, indexing pages, etc.

How the Expert Team at Frendeal Can help Your Business with SEO Services?

As a digital marketing company, we provide the SEO services your company needs to help your website rank for the most crucial keywords to your business. It is via the usage of these keywords that your website and other digital media material can attract the correct audience members.

We will undertake an in-depth assessment of every facet of your organic search presence and offer you clear methods to repair and enhance your site’s search friendliness.  

Also, if you are preparing to give your website a complete overhaul or migration, ensure that your SEO is intact. We make this transition to a new website as smooth as possible by allowing you to update yourself with a new website.

  • Website Audit

We perform a regular website audit to check for quick crawls, identify 404 pages, and ensure indexability and cohesion of on-page and off-page metrics.

  • Local SEO

If you are a small, local business, we provide SEO services in Calgary to have content optimized for local searches.

  • On-Page SEO

Our comprehensive SEO services will have the content and keywords optimized for better on-page visibility and improving traffic.

  • Technical SEO

Improve your website’s credibility as we offer technical SEO services that ensure smoother crawling and a better browsing experience. 

  • Off-Page SEO

We spread your link-building activities beyond the purview of on-site content as we strengthen your site's authority with off-page SEO. 

Content Writing and Marketing Services in Calgary

Turn text on a page into a memorable brand experience as our creating content writing services in Calgary offers comprehensive support to SEO and digital marketing activities. Show your users you care about their issues by correcting those in public with content that educates, entertains, and links them to you.


At Frendeal, we create content that blends with our dynamic content marketing strategy and SEO, social media, and email marketing to ensure conversion rate optimization (CRO). Add value to your users' search as we provide intent-driven content that matches your audience's expectations.


Also, our content writing services work in tandem with SEO activities. We deliver high-quality content that converts and generates more organic search traffic. You don't have to worry about any behind-the-scenes work when you hire our content writing and marketing service.

  • Website Content 
  • Custom Email
  • Blog Content
  • Thought Leadership Articles
  • Content Editing and Proofreading

Why Should You Opt For Content Writing and Marketing Services for Your Small Business in Canada?

What comes next once you've finished producing your website content? Promoting the material on relevant networks. SEO content marketing comes into play here.


Our SEO services in Calgary include a content marketing strategy that focuses on distributing relevant and SEO-friendly information across numerous web channels to drive desired consumer action. It is much simpler to evaluate your content creation plan once we identify the areas of improvement and bring on expertise to drive desired results. 


SEO-focused content writing services in Canada will include keyword analysis and content strategy. We have full-stack content creation services tailored to match your business identity when we create a website. Your small business in Canada can use SEO solutions for a content strategy to express your unique value proposition that meaningfully addresses your customers' concerns. 

  • High-Quality Content

Your content marketing efforts will fall flat if you don't have a content strategy plan. Our content creation strategy will help your company create consistent, useful SEO-driven content. 

  • Avoid Google Penalties

Quality content ensures implementing white hat SEO content tactics that help avoid losing ranks and money due to Google-algorithm-based penalties. 

  • Consistent Messaging

Create content with consistent brand messages through uniformity in tone across multiple touchpoints — emails, social media, website, digital ads, etc.

  • Meaningful Content Pillars

We strategize content creation with a skyscraper technique where each piece of content is split into smaller, supporting parts created to link and add value to content pillars.

  • Build Quality Backlinks

We provide guest posts content on the high authority website that helps build quality backlinks and thereby benefit your business with adequate link juice.

Why Choose Frendeal for Digital Marketing Services?

Our digital marketing company in Calgary takes a focused approach to create SEO-driven content. We are experienced in developing and implementing website content strategies that engagingly tell your business stories while also boosting your SERP features. Get a complete package of full-stack digital marketing services at Frendeal to expand your business’ online presence.

  • Online Reputation Management

    Online Reputation Management

    We ensure quality online reputation management (ORM) helps shape public perceptions of an organization's goods, services, and brand identity.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Offering CRO that improves the number of people who visit your website with our range of hyper-growth-focused activities that leverages modern tools and techniques.

  • Cost-Effective


    At Frendeal, we provide cost-effective and user-friendly marketing services that deliver effective results and enhance your ROI without compromising quality.

  • Redefining digital channels

    Redefining digital channels

    We help you thrive with a fresh approach that involves understanding your present marketing structure, building on what's already working, and auditing other digital marketing assets.

  • Speed and quality

    Speed and quality

    As a trusted digital marketing company in Calgary, we ensure faster turnaround with uncompromised quality of work.


Here are some commonly asked questions about our Digital Marketing Services.

We have a staff of editors that go through every piece of information and ensure it is error-free. For the customer’s peace of mind, we provide Grammarly and plagiarism reports if needed to ensure that the content at your disposal is top-notch.

Digital marketing consultants use a strategy called “digital marketing consultation” to work with businesses and help maximize their online marketing potential.

As a digital marketing consulting firm in Calgary, we help businesses determine their goals and implement strategies to achieve them. Digital consulting businesses can assist you with the following.

  • To determine which customers are most likely to convert.
  • Engage with current and potential consumers.
  • SEO, SMO, inbound marketing, paid to advertise, and other traffic generating tactics may increase visitors to websites.

The modern customer is well-informed and well-versed in using a variety of media. Businesses, then, require a multi-channel marketing strategy that provides a seamless experience across all contact points for their customers. 

An in-house team would mean going through a hiring and recruitment process for activities that do not immediately add value to your business. Also, it means deviating from your key business functions. It is best to trust digital marketing experts in Calgary and thereby save time and cost to drive business innovation.

Frendeal is committed to delivering excellent results through state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and a smartly orchestrated team of engineering geeks, creative writers, and analytical marketers.

Advertising and marketing is an art, our experts are artists and they are here to help you get the best results for your business.