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Cutting-edge ecommerce website solutions for outstanding, scalable, and long-lasting online businesses.

In the ecommerce sector, it is crucial to have an online presence that aligns your audience's expectations and motivates them to do business with you. It also requires ecommerce website-building skills that are focused on delivering more to the user base. You'll need an eye-pleasing and conversion-focused ecommerce website to attract the right customers. We can help you expand in the digital realm, whether you're a startup, a growing company, or an established brand.


You can trust us as we have a staff that understands ecommerce business like the back of their hand and has a thorough knowledge of all the prominent development platforms. We not only help businesses in developing ecommerce websites in Calgary that provide a strong basis, but we also make sure that they work smoothly as they grow.


Our ecommerce web development company in Calgary understand the concepts that drive the most successful ecommerce businesses, and they'll work with you one-on-one to identify your requirements and develop a strategy that fits in with any other online efforts you're considering.

Our ecommerce website development services in Canada

We are a one-stop destination for customers because we offer a comprehensive range of ecommerce website development services.

  • B2C ecommerce Platforms

Creating dynamic and feature-rich online portals allows any company to grow by connecting directly with its customers. By adding current ecommerce technologies, we optimize the productivity and development of these websites.

  • B2B marketplace solutions

We create B2B marketplaces that are secure, long-lasting, and feature-rich, allowing businesses to offer their goods and services to other businesses in the market.

  • CMS integration

Integrating ecommerce platforms like OpenCart, PrestaShop, Zen Cart, Magento, osCommerce, WooCommerce, and Shopify enhances your marketplaces and expands the capabilities of your business.

  • Multi-vendor platforms

Bring many vendors together on a single, powerful, and successful ecommerce platform, allowing any company to offer online goods or services. We're building multi-vendor marketplace solutions using capable technologies.

  • Upgrade and migration

We help businesses convert from traditional web portals to modern-age, capable, feature-rich, adaptive, and secure ecommerce platforms that fulfil all businesses' needs, regardless of their size or industry areas, using new technology.

  • API integration

Integration of advanced APIs such as PayPal, FedEx, QuickBooks, and Google Analytics API for various purposes, including payment integration, customer management, billing, and order management.

  • Website development & maintenance

We create result-oriented ecommerce websites that are easy to use and have robust information architecture and visual cues for users. Domain name registration, content creation and administration, navigation design, programming, and user interface design are just a few services we offer. 

How Frendeal transforms business with ecommerce website development?

  • Agile development process

For the rapid development of an ecommerce website, we firmly adhere to an agile development technique, which enables us to offer high-quality services on time. To produce high-end solutions, our crew is capable of running complex equipment and gadgets.

  • NDA policy

We strongly believe in our client's data privacy and take customary precautions to protect the sensitive information that they share with us. We sign an NDA with our clients to maintain project privacy and data security.

  • On-the-dot delivery

To attain project deadlines, we deploy a sensible development methodology. We have a team of qualified and skilled ecommerce website developers devoted to completing the job on time. We do not allow our customers to compromise quality.

  • Support and maintenance

As a popular ecommerce website development company, we ensure that our clients receive the best services possible. We offer hassle-free support and maintenance and aid in addressing product-related concerns to our clients. Our professional team is accessible for immediate assistance 24 hours a day.

  • Customizable websites

To make your site appealing, our designers employ a responsive approach. We can assist you in customising the themes and modules of your ecommerce store to meet your specific needs.

  • Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is in charge of growing the business, generating sales, and improving the customer experience. Our ecommerce SEO professionals offer tried-and-true methods for increasing sales and expanding your brand.

  • Dependable database management

We can manage your database to keep everything organised, whether you have a few products or a large collection of different product lines with multiple SKUs.

  • Advanced analytics

Customer behaviour, user experience, and conversion tracking are all enhanced by analytics. These elements are critical for improving and optimising an ecommerce website's performance.

  • High performance

We feel that the most important factor in successful ecommerce development is performance. In developing an ecommerce website, we take every precaution to ensure a smooth experience.

  • Technological integration

Each of our ecommerce website solutions is designed to assist you in providing your users with a seamless and remarkable buying experience. As a result, we harness the latest ecommerce trends and technologies to create user-driven ecommerce solutions that deliver results.

  • Accurate AI integration

We use an AI-driven approach to create smart platform experiences through expert ecommerce website development services, from the best chatbot utilities to real-time video analytics and data validation tools.

  • IoT-oriented ecommerce solution

We develop smart platforms that generate better buyer persona insights, process-integrated voice assistance data, and connected commerce facilities using IoT-integrated ecommerce website development services.

  • AR & VR technology

We assist our clients in developing customer-centric ecommerce websites that combine augmented reality and virtual reality to provide a 360-degree in-store shopping experience as real and lively as offline shopping.

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Basic Plan

  • Upto 5 Pages
  • Basic SEO Setup
  • Responsive Website
  • Premium Design
  • Full Development
  • Deploy to Server
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Advanced Plan

  • Upto 15 Pages
  • One Time SEO Setup
  • Responsive Website
  • Premium Design
  • Full Development
  • Deploy to Service
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Website Plans

Our basic and advanced website design and development plans. Both of these plans are for businesses who need the best design for their website as per their business area. If you need more customized and advanced website with more than 15 pages, please contact us for quote.

  • Basic
  • Advanced

Frendeal is committed to delivering excellent results through state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and a smartly orchestrated team of engineering geeks, creative writers, and analytical marketers.

Advertising and marketing is an art, our experts are artists and they are here to help you get the best results for your business.