How to Create Effective Product Descriptions and Marketing Copy for an Ecommerce Website?

How to Create Effective Product Descriptions and Marketing Copy for an Ecommerce Website?

Your consumers can be led through your sales funnel with the help of a compelling product description. Your store will be more likely to convert casual browsers if you add some imagination and highlight the benefits of your product in the product description. 

When creating product descriptions, most business owners, however, make the error of merely describing their goods. People need to comprehend a product’s unique value proposition or how it solves a frustrating situation, or this leads to reduced conversion rates. If you are looking for an enticing product description and marketing copy, choose a firm that offers excellent ecommerce development services in Calgary

Learn how to write product descriptions that sell from this blog, where you’ll also discover advice on hiring a writer, examples of successful product descriptions, and a template you can use to develop your own.

Defining product description

A product description is a copy that informs a customer of the qualities and advantages of a product. People need help to hold or test a product when they shop online. The information on the product page influences their choice to buy in various ways. But more than simply uploading a picture of the item, listing its name and price and providing brief descriptions are required. When two stores sell identical goods, readers are likelier to buy from the store with a well-written product description. 

Even impulse purchasers will avoid a product with a poor description, not to mention picky customers. But, if you can effectively describe your goods, you enhance the likelihood that your target market will be drawn to your store and become loyal consumers.

Steps that can make your product description excellent

Know your customer needs 

Your target audience should be able to relate to your product description personally. Knowing the traits of your target demographics is necessary for determining the needs of your users. Examples of factors that may influence purchasing decisions include daily activities and location. This will enable you to better understand their problems and how your products may address them. 

Ensure that your products’ features can satisfy your intended market’s needs. Create succinct sales text that clients may read fast and use to form an opinion of your company.

Write down USPs 

Remember to emphasize the USP of your items, even if they are in demand to set them apart from the competition. Use your understanding of your clients’ profiles, issues, and demands to create a USP statement that sells. Make sure it communicates why customers should choose your product over competing offerings.

Describe the product in the best possible way 

After you know your target market’s requirements, use it to develop a thorough product description that demonstrates how the product meets those demands. Avoid using cliched and superlative language in your product descriptions, such as “the best product,” “lovely,” and “excellent value.” Instead, include all the information to support your assertion about the product’s worth and quality.

Write benefits, not features

Even though product features are necessary, they will have a bigger impact if you concentrate on the advantages. Either blend features and advantages into a single persuasive copy or completely separate them. Customers can then decide whether they need the goods by doing this. 

Also, it allows you to appeal to people’s emotions and generate demand for your goods. This can be accomplished by emphasizing their problems and how your solution can solve them. If you aim for a technical-oriented audience, technical requirements are still the best course of action.

Optimize SEO

Search engine optimization is important to attract free, loyal clients (SEO). This entails optimizing your product pages to appear in search results for popular keywords on Google and other search engines. Here, the digital marketing agency in Calgary can help you by optimizing SEO to boost your sales. 

Knowing the phrase you want your page to rank for is the first step in optimizing your product descriptions; therefore, you must conduct keyword research.

Have a clear outline

Make sure to keep your product description as brief as you can. Make sure to make it simple to skim through without sacrificing the value of your product because visitors need more time to read the lengthy product information. A fantastic technique to write a product description that is simple to read is by using bullet points. Alternately, experiment with the design and design elements of the website to give a thoughtful product description. After all, it doesn’t need to be a vertical list of bullet points. 

If you need to show a lot of information, consider breaking it up into several sections and using images to give it a professional visual appearance. Doing this may prevent turning your product description into a wall of words.

Do not distract readers 

Product descriptions are meant to inform potential buyers about a product. Having stated that, you should delete any additional material that has nothing to do with your product or is bland to read. 

When writing a product description, be sure to assume the role of a consumer. Stay away from filler words and material that is clear and that you want or have little time to read. Saying, for instance, that a clock accurately displays the time is unnecessary. 

Always be sure to highlight the advantages of the product. Take a step back and re-evaluate the features and benefits if you start to write meaningless filler phrases to get yourself back on track.

Enticing CTA 

Product descriptions must also have a compelling call to action (CTA). Get started, learn more, and get yours now CTAs encourage customers to purchase your goods. 

Following a powerful CTA, use thought-provoking language. This is consistent with your desire to evoke a sense of urgency and FOMO, as in the phrase “while supplies last.” Instead, develop a compelling call to action using the product’s advantages.


As online business owners, our website serves as a constant sales channel. Every second we enhance it is time spent in an automatic cash machine. One approach to increase the return on your investment (ROI) from your business is to learn how to optimize your product descriptions and product pages.

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