Key components your business website should have!

When creating your business website, there are many components that you should add to it. The key elements may vary from business to business. We will discuss common elements that major business websites should have to get a better result, like converting visitors to customers, gaining customer trust, quickly displaying your business information to potential customers, business branding, etc.

Responsive Website

Your potential customers would access your website from either Desktop / PC, Mobile, or Tablet devices. All these devices have different screen resolutions and would display content in different ways. The page that looks perfect on Desktop might not look excellent on a Mobile device unless you make that page responsive.

Whenever you select any professional agency like Frendeal for a Website development service for your business, you should make sure to ask them to make your website responsive. It is displayed correctly on all the different device types, and your potential customers can see all the primary information you show on your website.

Interactive Content

We can do website development in many ways using different content, but one should make sure their website has interactive content that would convert visitors. Online visitors like it when the website is interactive and invites them to interact with the information it offers, like, interactive food menu, interactive product details page, interactive search page, product list page, etc. 

Frendeal can help you with the website development and create your website with interactive content that will help please your website visitors and convert potential customers to customers. 

Customer Reviews

Reviews from real customers are very important for your website, as it helps build your business reputation and trust for the potential customer. When a potential customer sees reviews from real customers on your website, it will help them answer several questions/concerns about your service and product offerings and ultimately help them decide on whether to work/visit with/to your business or not.

When you are working with Frendeal for website development services, we can set up a native review section on your website to manage reviews by yourself. We can also import reviews from Google Business / Yelp directly to your website so that you don’t have to manage it and everything works like Butta!

SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is no longer optional for business; it has been a necessity. SEO will help you get organic visitors to your website who can be potential customers for your business. SEO itself is an ongoing process, but you must develop your website with SEO optimization in mind. SEO optimization will ensure that your website will get that organic SEO boost to start with, and later SEO agencies like Frendeal can build on top of it. 

At Frendeal, whenever we do website development work for any of our clients, we make sure their website is SEO optimized to get that immediate SEO boost as soon as their website is available for the public.

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