Why your restaurant needs a website ASAP?

For many businesses, including restaurants, a website doesn’t come as the first thing in mind. But considering the current economy and the importance of online presence, website development for the restaurant isn’t optional, but it’s necessary. 

If you own a restaurant in Calgary, Alberta, you should consider getting a business website. When it comes to website development, you have the option to go with freelancers or professionals like Frendeal. While some freelancers will deliver good results, but it’s imperative to go with professionals as they are up to date with the latest trends in the website development sector and can get you the best results against your competitors.

Among the many benefits of having a website for your restaurant, here are some key reasons to get it:

Online Presence

Gone are the days when word of mouth was one of the key ways to get more customers to your restaurant. These days, customers rely on your online presence and reviews. Facebook or Instagram account isn’t enough to establish your business’s online presence as you may not update these pages regularly, which leaves potential customers wondering if your restaurant is still open.

You need a website for your restaurant as it will act as your home base and one of the critical sources of information and contact for your business like food options, operating hours, service details, booking appointments, professional photos of food and restaurant, etc. Whether you are new to the restaurant business or have been a player for a long time, it’s crucial to stay up to date with trends and demands so that you stay ahead of the competition.

Interactive Restaurant Menu

When a potential customer visits your website, they are not just looking to get more information about your business, location and operation timings; they are also very interested in seeing what you offer. Hence, your website needs to have an interactive restaurant menu that showcases your menu options. Your website should have a mobile-optimized and interactive menu as these days; prominent website visitors access your website via their mobile phones.

Your potential customers don’t know what you have to offer, so your website must showcase your menu’s best aspects to get them hooked on what you have to offer. If your online menu looks outdated, then your potential customers may quickly lose interest in what you offer. Hence at Frendeal, we will create an exquisite menu visually appealing and gets the potential customer wanting the food your serve.

Better Search Rankings

Gone are those days when customers would come to know about your business via word of mouth or any other paid marketing media. Restaurants these days also rely more on getting better search rankings to get organic traffic to your website. 

Getting better search rankings require your website have well-optimized content, interactive pages and rich content. We at Frendeal will not only create a beautifully designed website for your restaurant, but we will also optimize it for better search rankings. We will submit your website to major search engine providers, and that should start building your website’s reputation. We do recommend you go with a full-fledged SEO service after your website is live for outstanding results.

Customer reviews

Among all the above key elements, it is also vital to include genuine and honest customer reviews on your website to help a potential customer decide whether to visit your restaurant or not to enjoy the food they are craving. Displaying customer reviews on your website will help your business build loyalty and credibility, which will eventually give your potential customers a sense of trust.

A restaurant website without any credible customer reviews may leave your potential customer leery of trusting your business, and you may lose potential customers. At Frendeal, we can beautifully display customer reviews managed by you or directly display them from google business review and/or Facebook posts and reviews, which will give your potential customers the honest perspective they deserve.

Integrate with other platforms

There are many different platforms like Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, etc., that are capable of driving more traffic to your business. All these major platforms have the option to post a link to your business website that will help customers visit your website. The majority of the potential clients these days tend to visit your website to learn more about your business, offerings, read reviews, see what kind of food your offer etc., before deciding to visit your restaurant.

We at Frendeal can help you create an attractive, responsive and interactive website that will help you effectively showcase your business offerings and gain the trust of your potential customers. Building a website will help you direct your customers to your website and convert them from potential customers to real customers.

Manage Reservations

Many restaurants are super busy and often risk losing customers due to high wait times and an un-organized reservation system. It’s a good idea for most restaurants to have an online reservation system that will allow your potential or regular customers to reserve a day/time for their next visit.

At Frendeal can create an easy reservation system that allows your online visitors to reserve a spot for their next lunch/dinner plans.

Announce Special Events

You can use your website to announce any special events or special menu for an occasion your restaurant has to offer. You can effectively publish about such special events on your website and also manage reservations for them if required. 

At Frendeal, we create a website that will allow you to post information about special events and your business’s social media pages to reach your existing followers and potential customers better.

Does your restaurant have a website? If not, please feel free to contact us. We specialize in branding and web design, and we will be happy to help you take your business to the next level! Contact us today to build a website for your restaurant business in Calgary, Alberta or anywhere in the world.

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